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BRC Global Standard – Food(BRC全球标准-食品2003)

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BRC Global Standard – Food
March 2003
British Retail Consortium

BRC Global Standard – Food 2003
Under the terms of the Food Safety Act 1990, like all sectors involved with the supply of food, Retailers have an obligation to take all reasonable precautions and exercise all due diligence in the avoidance of failure, whether in the development, manufacture, distribution, advertising or sale of food products to the consumer.

That obligation in the context of Retailer branded products involved a number of activities, one of which is the verification of technical performance at food production sites. For many years, each Retailer undertook this activity separately, verifying food production site performance against their individual, internally developed standards.

In some instances verification is undertaken by the Retailers’ in-house technologists, and in other instances by third party inspection bodies.

In 1998 the British Retail Consortium developed and introduced the BRC technical Standard and Protocol for Companies Supplying Retailer Branded Food Products (the BRC Food Technical Standard).

Although originally developed primarily for the supply of retailer branded products, in recent years the BRC Food Technical Standard has been widely used across a number of other sectors of the Food Industry such as food service and ingredients manufacture.

There has also been substantive evidence of the use of the BRC Food Technical
Standard outside the UK, as it became the framework upon which many companies have based their supplier assessment programes.
在UK 之外,有真实的证据能表明BRC食品技术标准被应用。这就变成了一个框架,许多公司依据它来评价供应商的项目。

Since the first issue of the BRC Food Technical Standard in 1998 it has been revised on two occasions with Issue 3 being published in April 2002. On each review and revision, BRC has consulted extensively with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure acceptability and integrity.

In January 2003 the BRC recognizing that the name and the scope of the BRC Food Technical Standard required change to reflect its use; the BRC Global Standard- Food. The BRC believe with this change, there is a commitment to continue to work in partnership with other sectors of the Food Industry to promote best practice and consumer safety.
在2003年1月,BRC意识到BRC食品技术标准的名称和范围需要改变来反映其用途,即:BRC 全球标准-食品。BRC 信任这种变化,但需要有一个承诺就是继续和食品工业的其他的部门进行合作来促进最佳的实践和顾客安全。

There have been no other changes to the Standard content or format and therefore a decision was made to retain the Issue 3 status until such time as a full and detailed review is undertaken.
The BRC Global Standard – Food
The Standard was developed to assist Retailers in their fulfilment of legal obligations and protection of the consumer, by providing a common basis for the audit of companies supplying retailer branded food products.

Since the introduction of the Food Safety Act, the obligations placed upon the UK Retailer have now become best practice across much of the supply chain and therefore manufacturers have accepted the principles of the Standard as a means of providing critical elements of their due diligence system.

It has encompassed the fundamental principles of the Retailers’ own standards and has been continuously reviewed to reflect the requirements of both Retailers’ and their suppliers. It is not intended to replace the requirement of any legislation, where this legislation requires a higher standard for a specific Industry sector.

Technical audit of supplying Companies production premises forms only part of the Customer’s due diligence system, and the acceptance for a Company to supply, rests with the individual Customer.

The Standard will be reviewed on a regular basis by the BRC membership and revised, where considered appropriate.

The Standard requires:
• the adoption and implementation of HACCP
接受和应用HACCP 体系

BRC Global Standard – Food 2003
• a documented and effective quality management system control of factory environment standards, product, process and personnel.The Standard provides certification to be awarded at one of two levels; Foundation Level and Higher Level.
BRC 全球标准-食品2003

The Scope of the BRC Global Standard – Food
The BRC Global Standard – Food sets out the requirements for the supply of retailer branded products, branded food products and processed or prepared food or ingredients for use by food service companies, catering companies and food manufacturers.
BRC 全球食品标准制定了对零售商提供贴有标签的产品的要求,产品包括食品和食品成分,用于食品服务公司、饮食公司和食品生产厂。

The format of the BRC Global Standard – Food
Below this statement of intent, there are three columns of specific criteria;
Foundation Level
食品BRC 全球标准的形式
All criteria specified in column 1 must be complied with to gain certification at the Foundation Level.In addition to these criteria, it is desirable to aspire to those criteria specified in column 2 for the Higher Level certification and column 3, Recommendations on Good Practice.

Higher Level
All requirements for the certification at the Foundation Level must be met. In addition, all criteria in column 2 must be complied with to gain certification at the Higher Level. In addition to these criteria, it is desirable to aspire to those criteria specified in column 3, Recommendations on Good Practice.

Recommendations on Good Practice
These criteria are recommended to all Suppliers as being Industry best practice, to which they should aspire.
Where any of these recommendations are not met, it is still a requirement of the scheme that these areas of non-conformance are recorded within the Evaluation Report.

It is envisaged that Companies will progress through the two levels of the Standard and ultimately comply with all criteria of the Standard. To this end, it is a requirement of the Standard that the Evaluation Report, will record all non-conformity against any criteria in columns 1, 2 or 3.

This will identify specific shortfalls, where improvement can be achieved.
There will however be suppliers that, due to a number of factors, cannot achieve Higher Level status.

There is an appreciation of this situation, and as stated, previously the acceptance for a Company to supply, rests with the commercial decision of the individual Customer.
The Evaluation Protocol provides the specific requirements for those organizations involved with evaluation against the BRC Global Standard – Food.
对这种状况的正确评价,如上所述,以前是否接受一个公司作为供应商,取决于个别顾客的商业决定。评价草案将指出那些组织在一些特定要求上违背BRC 全球食品标准的地方。

Benefits of the BRC Global Standard – Food
BRC 全球食品标准
There are a number of benefits arising from the implementation of the BRC Global Standard – Food;
由于BRC 食品全球标准的实施会产生一系列的利益。
• a single standard and protocol, allowing evaluation to be carried out by Certification Bodies, who are accredited against the European standard EN45011 (ISO/IEC Guide 65)
• single verification commissioned by the Supplier, in line with an agreed evaluation frequency, will allow
Each section of the Technical Standard begins with a highlighted paragraph in bold text, which is the statement of intent, that all Suppliers must comply with in order to gain certification.
被EN45011 认可的认证机构,依据一个简单的标准和协议来进行评价

BRC Global Standard – Food 2003
Suppliers to report upon their status to those customers recognizing the Standard
• the Standard is comprehensive in scope covering all areas of product safety and legality
• the Standard addresses part of the due diligence requirements of both the Supplier and the Retailer
• within the Evaluation Protocol, there is a requirement for ongoing surveillance and confirmation of follow up of corrective actions on non-conformity
• as Certification Bodies are accredited against a European standard, there can be recognition of accredited Certification Bodies in countries where product is sourced.

_ The BRC Global Standard – Food and Relationship with Other Standards
The BRC Food Technical Standard will be used by Certification Bodies as a Standard in its own right, without addition, amendment to format or content.
It may only be incorporated into a Certification Body’s own standards with the written consent of the British Retail Consortium.

BRC 食品全球标准与其它标准的联系
BRC 食品技术标准可以被认证机构在自身认证范围内作为标准使用,没有特殊情况时,对形式和内容的修改。

_ Ownership and Usage of the BRC Logo
The BRC logo is copyright material and a registered trademark, owned by the British Retail Consortium. The usage of the BRC logo is regulated and governed by the British Retail Consortium and use of this logo is only permissible with the formal agreement of the British Retail Consortium.
BRC 标志的所有权和使用

Accreditation of Certification Bodies and the role of National
Accreditation Bodies
For the evaluation process to have credibility, evaluations for certification shall be undertaken by bodies that are both independent and competent. It will be a requirement that evaluation against the Standard shall be carried out by bodies formally accredited to the European standard EN 45011 (ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996) (General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems).

To comply with EN 45011, Certification Bodies must be independent of the organizations and activities that they are evaluating, whilst evaluators must have technical competence, including appropriate qualifications, training and experience, for specific product categories.

In addition, evaluations must be effectively supervised by competent staff following documented policies and procedures, and client confidentiality must be ensured.
formal accreditation of a Certification Body can only be granted by a National Accreditation Body. In Great Britain this is the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

In other countries, this will include National Accreditation Bodies, who are members or associate members of IAF (International Accreditation Forum), EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) and signatories to the bi-lateral or multilateral agreements in respect to EN45011 (ISO Guide 65).

Accreditation will only be awarded by the National Body after a detailed assessment has found that the Certification Body complies with all of the criteria of EN 45011. This assessment will include both quality systems and site assessment of the work of individual evaluators.
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