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A San Francisco fast food restaurant has opened with no waiting staff or cashiers and instead dispenses its meals using a giant vending machine.

Customers of eatsa, in the middle of the city's financial district, order their dishes on iPads, which are prepared by staff in a hidden kitchen and delivered to the fully automated 'cubbies'. The only staff that can be seen are in store to help customers with problems they may have with the software. The restaurant offers a range of Quinoa-based salads.
这家店名叫 Eatsa,位于旧金山金融中心区,顾客在ipad上点餐,顾客看不到后厨,员工做好后会把食物放进全自动贩卖机中。店里唯一可见的服务人员的职责是帮助顾客解决他们遇到的软件问题。店里供应各式藜麦沙拉。

According to Tim Young, eatsa's co-founder the company 'is reinventing fast food by combining the speed and affordability of fast food with the delicious flavors and nutritious ingredients of premium fast casual. 'By developing new technology to automate every aspect of the food experience, we are able to deliver a product with the best qualities of premium fast casual at a price point that is accessible to everyone.'
Eatsa的合资人蒂姆•杨(Tim Young)表示,“快餐食品快速便捷,优质便餐美味营养,通过两者的结合,公司正在彻底改造快餐。通过发展新技术,将用餐体验的每一环节自动化,我们有能力提供价格亲民、质量最好的快餐。”

The customers order their food using a virtual cashier, who retains details of previous purchases allowing tailored suggestions. When the food is ready, the dish is delivered to an individual glass door 'cubby' which shows personalized graphics allowing the customer to quickly identify their own lunch.

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