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核心提示:Choosing to be happy at work means avoiding negative conversations, gossip, and unhappy people as much as possible. No matter how positively you feel, negative people have a profound impact on your psyche. Happiness is largely a choice. I can hear m

Choosing to be happy at work means avoiding negative conversations, gossip, and unhappy people as much as possible. No matter how positively you feel, negative people have a profound impact on your psyche. Happiness is largely a choice. I can hear many of you arguing with me, but it’s true.

“You get paid to do your job, not to like it,” seems to be the attitude of most managers and workplaces. What’s worse, employees seem to be willing participants in this arrangement. When I ask people what makes them happy at work, they rarely talk about the work itself - many tend to see it as a means to an end, rather than as something to enjoy.

You spend more time at work than with your family, friends, and hobbies combined. Hating your job is not an inconvenience, it’s a serious problem. It can cause stress and depression.

And yet, a job can be a tremendous source of happiness. It can give you success, victories, and professional and personal growth. It can let you contribute to something important. It can be a source of positive, meaningful relationships with both managers and co-workers. It can, in fact, be a lot of fun!

A young employee complained to me recently that she wanted to change jobs because her boss was not doing enough to help her develop professionally. I asked her whom she thought was the person most interested in her development. The answer, of course, was her. You are the person with the most to gain from continuing to develop professionally. Take charge of your own growth.

Employees fully expect to like their jobs. Few put up with bad management, stress, overwork, bullying, or anything else that makes us unhappy at work. What’s more, companies have a genuine commitment to their employees’ well-being.

Workers who love their jobs = more efficiency and innovation = more money. You may or may not love your current job and you may or may not believe that you can find something in your current job to love, but you can. Trust me. Take a look at yourself, your skills and interests, and find something that you can enjoy doing every day. If you do something you love every single day, your current job won’t seem so bad.”

Work should always be fun…. We all only have one life. A third of life is work. Without happiness and fun, work becomes hell.”

Some companies get it. That’s why Disney, Google, focus so intently on making their people happy at work. How do they do it?

Google gives their employees freedom to be creative, letting them devote 20 per cent of their working hours to projects of their own choosing. Also, Google’s dress code is “You must wear clothes”.

These efforts aren’t just about morale - they are a major reason for bottom-line success. We don’t have to choose between happiness and business success. Studies show that happy employees are more motivated, productive, innovative and engaged. In short: Happy companies make more money.

Other studies show that people who pursue the career they like, rather than the career they think will make them rich, are more likely to become millionaires.

Make no mistake: Happiness at work is on the march. It just seems that many people are stuck a little harder in the “work is unpleasant - that’s why we get paid to do it” mentality.

So my advice to managers and employees is this: Make happiness at work your top priority. It will make work more fun, it will make you happier in life, and it will make you more successful.







工人喜爱他的工作= 更高的效率和创新=更多的钱。你可以喜欢或不喜欢你现在的工作,你可以相信或不相信在你的工作中会找到快乐的元素,让你从而喜爱上你的工作。你能做到!审视一下你自己,你的技巧和你的兴趣,并试着发现你没太难喜欢干的事,如果你每天都做你喜爱的事,你现在所做的工作将会变得一无是处。


一些公司懂得它,这也就是Disney, Google, focus 坚决实行让然们快乐工作的原因。他们怎么做的呢?







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